Insurance Practice


“Drew advised me on an insurance claims issue. Not only was he honest in explaining that it would not be wise to pursue litigation, he still went out of his way to give me personal advice and references on how to address my insurance issue (in my case, small claims court).
He was very friendly and responsive, and I am sure he would be as brilliant a litigation attorney as he was a generous and intelligent source of advice.”
- Tayo, via Avvo

WLG, Inc has represented insureds and insurance companies in virtually all areas of insurance coverage. Each insurance matter is unique and WLG, Inc has the expertise to evaluate your situation, advise on an effective and cost conscious strategy and aggressively advocate for our clients.

Often policyholder clients need help understanding whether their liability insurance policy provides coverage for their matter. WLG, Inc will help you understand the language and limits of your insurance policy, determine the coverage limits for your claims, and devise a strategy for pursuing your claim against your policy.

WLG, Inc also has a long history of working with insurers to defend them when they are sued for bad faith, breach of contract, fraud or when claims are made against policies they hold. WLG, Inc has extensive experience in determining whether coverage 

Whether you are in individual who needs advice on whether your claim is covered under your policy, or an insurer seeking advice on whether and how much to pay under a claim, WLG, Inc can help. Our insurance experience extends to virtually all areas of insurance practice, including:

Auto Liability

Extra-Contractual Liability

Bad Faith and Insurance Fraud Claims

Homeowners Policies

Breach of Contract

Intellectual Property

Business Interruption Losses

Products Liability

Commercial Liability 

Professional Negligence 

Construction Defects

Personal and Property Damage Losses

Employment Claims

Sex Abuse Coverage


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