Litigation & Dispute Resolution


“I worked with Drew on a litigation case. He is a big law refugee so he knows his stuff but will not charge you $200 to read an email and $500 to write a one sentence reply. We had a simple breach of contract case and Drew was able to get a default judgment against the defendants very quickly.”
Michael M., via Yelp

WLG, Inc knows litigation. We also know that many of our clients don’t want to end up in a protracted legal battle. WLG, Inc believes in early case evaluation and strategic planning in partnership with our clients so that we understand your needs and desired outcomes. We also want our clients to understand all of the different options and associated costs so you can be involved in setting the direction of your case.

At WLG, Inc we understand that protracted litigation can put a tremendous strain on the resources of any organization, so we strive to resolve business disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. Our approach to litigation is to understand your needs, quickly evaluate your case and then craft a strategy to resolve your matter. WLG, Inc has experience in all aspects of federal and state courts and can work with you from pre-filing, discovery, motions and through trial.

Sometimes, litigating your dispute is not the best solution and you need a skilled negotiator on your side. WLG, Inc excels at alternative dispute resolution and negotiation - informally through direct negotiation or through structured alternative dispute resolution venues such as arbitration and mediation.

WLG’s, Inc creative solutions and strategic planning will help you manage through disputes and let you focus on your business.  


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