Service Arrangements

WLG, Inc is committed to providing the highest quality legal services - individually designed for the right fit for your matter - in a cost efficient manner. WLG’s, Inc fee arrangements are designed to fit the individual needs of each client and your case. WLG, Inc can provide legal services under one of the following arrangements.

Free Consultation for Prospective New Clients

WLG, Inc always provides a free 30 minute consultation to prospective new clients and will only take your case if we believe we can help.

Hourly Based Billing

WLG, Inc. will not overstaff your case and we don’t operate with a lot of overhead, so we are able to keep our billing rates low compared to many other Bay Area firms.

Contingency Fee

Occasionally, WLG, Inc will take cases on contingency - where if we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us any fees. WLG, Inc does not accept many cases on contingency and satisfaction of a very stringent review process is required to be considered for a contingency fee service arrangement.

Hybrid Billing

Hybrid billing arrangements are very common for WLG, Inc because of the flexibility they provide to the firm and to the client. In assessing the needs of the client and the circumstances of the case, flexibility in billing arrangements often helps clients obtain the legal representation they need to move their case forward or to conduct routine legal counseling, preparation of contracts, etc. Hybrid arrangements may include aspects of hourly billing, contingency fees, flat fees, capped fees, replenishing retainers, paid costs, and more. 


The materials presented on this site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be, nor do they constitute, legal advice. In no way does review of or reliance on these materials create an attorney-client relationship between you and WLG, Inc.  Nothing in the materials presented on this site constitutes a guarantee or assurance of the acceptance of your case by WLG, Inc or the potential outcome of your case.