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At Winghart Law Group, Inc., our Clients are more than just a case, a project, a dispute. WLG is a trusted business partners for our Clients. Our size allows us to get to know our Clients in a way that large Firms cannot. We have a better understanding of your business needs and can provide legal services that are honed for your market, your business, and your budget. This attention to detail is why our Clients return to us any time they face a new legal endeavor.

We have diverse experience handling business disputes, negotiating and providing dynamic strategies to encourage commercial growth. With a background in intellectual property law, Drew Winghart can help companies protect their copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks. For companies navigating the uncharted waters of booming growth, our services can identify intellectual assets that you may not have realized need protection.

Do You Have More Questions for Our Palo Alto Business Attorney?

Our history of success has protected Client reputations and helped them acquire projects vital to their company’s survival. If your company is facing a legal issue that you need help with, then fill out our online contact form or call us at (650) 332-2994. Our law firm is focused on helping companies face unique business challenges in Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Mateo and the surrounding area. To learn more about how we serve our Clients, please read our brochure or explore our website a bit more.

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Why Choose Our Law Firm?

If you are looking for an experienced Palo Alto business attorney, our practice should be on your short-list.
We maintain a strict philosophy of excellence at Winghart Law Group, Inc., by adhering to these principles:

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We provide an efficient experience not often found at larger Firms. This allows us to address important legal matters in a rapid manner, which saves our Clients time and money. Our Firm also provides flexible, competitive rates that can multiply these savings.

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Understanding what a company needs early on is part of how we elevate the effectiveness of our services. This is why we provide a free 30-minute consultation to potential Clients. If we don’t believe we can help, then we won’t take your case and if we can, direct you to the right attorney.

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We are dedicated to achieving success for our Clients. The preventive strategies our law Firm uses may help end disputes before they begin. However, if a dispute advances to court, we have the knowledge to conduct strong negotiations, and the preparedness to litigate your case.


Mr. Winghart … was very kind, considerate of our financial needs, and candid in his advice on how to proceed. He was knowledgeable and informed without being pretentious or overwhelming.

Nicole, via Avvo

I worked with Drew on a litigation case. He is a big law refugee so he knows his stuff but will not charge you $200 to read an email and $500 to write a one sentence reply. We had a simple breach of contract case and Drew was able to get a default judgment against the defendants very quickly.

Michael M., via Yelp

Mr. Winghart was an excellent help in a business relationship that was coming to an end. He gave me fair and practical advice, and made it clear that he was not interested in wasting my time or money.

Josh G., via Yelp
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