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Our Business Attorney Has Experience With a Variety of Cases

Winghart - Office ImageBefore founding Winghart Law Group, Drew worked with firms specializing in complex civil litigation matters in State and Federal Courts. Drew has extensive experience in intellectual property, real estate, insurance coverage, and commercial transaction litigation. Drew is also a trusted adviser to small and medium-sized businesses and regularly acts as an outside General Counsel to businesses across a wide range of industries. Below is a select list of representative matters.


Copyright & Trademark

  • Adobe Systems v. Baker. Successfully resolved copyright and trademark infringement claims by the software manufacturer against the individual and obtained a favorable dismissal of the lawsuit.
  • CJ Products v. Pet Nap Pals. Represented a small business accused of copyright, trademark, and unfair competition for the sale of a competing product, eliminating a significant portion of Plaintiff’s claims.
  • Petking v. Successfully negotiated continued use of disputed mark over trademark owner’s demand to cease and desist all use of the mark.


  • Representation of homeowners in Bankruptcy Court litigation against contractor to dispute of discharge of debts incurred in construction project.
  • Obtained a judgment of over $200,000 against contractor.
  • Representation of contractors and subcontractors relating to indemnity and defective work claims.
  • Worked with homeowners against contractors for remodeling defects.

Commercial Litigation

  • Represented LLC Members in suit alleging fraud against managing member in multi-million real estate company.
  • Representing company executives in post-bankruptcy civil claims as guarantors of company debt obligations.
  • Representation of multiple companies in commercial contract disputes, including performance claims as well as debt litigation.

Selected Additional Commercial Transactions & Contract Experience

  • Over ten years’ experience in insurance coverage matters, including commercial, personal, excess, re-insurance, and professional services.
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements in real estate, personal injury, contract disputes, copyright and trademark, trade secret theft, consumer debt, commercial real estate.
  • Prepared EULA and Copyright Assignment documents for web-based interactive game company.
  • Negotiated custom indemnity agreements for building construction project.
  • Negotiation of commercial debts on behalf of national medical equipment company.
  • Preparation of non-compete agreements for independent contractor on behalf of bifo-medical startup.
  • Draft and negotiate operating agreement for limited liability company in medical services industry.
  • Negotiation of purchase of membership interest for local restaurant company for new member investor.
  • Establish independent contractor and employment agreements for professional services provider.
  • Counsel companies on protection of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
  • Licensing of copyright materials to national entertainment venue and international image provider.
  • Worked with closely-held corporation on sale and divestiture of stores to new entity upon company reorganization.
  • Negotiate purchase of operating restaurant and company assets.

Selected Intellectual Property Legal Experience

  • Obtaining a dismissal – without payment – of the Firm’s client who was accused of hundreds of acts of copyright and trademark infringement by selling counterfeit retail goods.
  • Successfully negotiating a settlement on behalf of an individual accused by a global trade association and one of the world’s largest software developers of re-selling computer software.
  • Obtaining a six figure settlement on behalf of an individual whose image was found being used by a resort without permission.
  • Assisting an author in negotiating terms for the adaptation of the book into a feature-length movie.
  • Representing a software developer in negotiating terms for the sale of the business to a major software retailer.
  • Defending company accused of cyber-squatting and obtained resolution of matter with the Firm’s client retaining all rights to domain.
  • Representing dozens of individuals accused of individuals accused of illegal file-sharing by use of BitTorrent and peer-to-peer networks.
  • Assisting client taking down offensive material posted on-line through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • Representing a former employee of theft of trade secrets in complex patent litigation.