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Where Can My Business Find Cost-Efficient Legal Services?

Our Business Litigation Lawyer in Redwood City has the Experience to Help

Businesses experience challenges in today’s market. Whether that business deals in manufacturing, services or technology, it must overcome these legal hurdles to secure success. However, handling the legal challenges faced by businesses often requires experience. The slightest mistake or misinterpretation of the law can not only hurt your business’ name and reputation, it can incur fines and other financial penalties. Businesses in the Palo Alto area need guidance when it comes to these legal issues, and the cost-efficient legal services offered by our business lawyer in Redwood City can help.

Practice Areas at Winghart Law Group, Inc.

Winghart Law Group, Inc. offers a wide range of legal services for companies seeking to strengthen their businesses. We provide high-quality legal representation focused on your business’ needs. Our staff learns every detail about how your company functions so we can provide cost-efficient legal services that target your goals.

Founded on a philosophy of agility, integrity and results, WLG, Inc. strives for the success of every client we take on. Our principal attorney and founder, Drew Winghart, has diverse experience handling a wide variety of business law matters. This experience serves as a basis for the many services offered by our Redwood City business litigation law firm.

Business Litigation

To solve corporate legal issues, you have to start early, and that’s why WLG, Inc. wastes no time getting to the heart of your legal problems. Using a step-by-step process, we devise creative and focused commercial litigation solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Whether the issue is a scandal, intercompany dispute or a breakdown of relations between business partners, we are ready to help. At WLG, Inc., we understand that a protracted legal battle can hinder a business’ growth and eat into the bottom line. That’s why we work quickly and precisely to achieve your corporate goals. Our Redwood City business litigation law firm also provides services to help with:

Dispute Resolution

Not every business law conflict requires litigation to solve. Sometimes the most effective and quick solution is to settle the matter outside of a courtroom, and in these instances WLG, Inc. is poised to assist. We can help foster an environment of fairness and justice while parties negotiate the best solution for their issues. This dispute resolution process can help maintain healthy business relations while dealing with conflicts that threaten the continued progress of your business relationships. Our business lawyer in Redwood City can help you with:

  • Mediation: Third party intermediary assistance in resolving a business conflict.
  • Arbitration: A third party that makes the final binding or non-binding decision on the grievance.
  • Negotiation: A type of direct dispute resolution between the involved parties.

Insurance Practice

WLG, Inc. also caters to the needs of both insurance companies and policyholders. Our experience allows our Palo Alto law firm to help individuals better understand their coverage so they can file the most effective claim for their matter. We have also aided insurance companies dealing with allegations of bad faith, breach of contract, fraud or policy claims.

Mergers & Acquisitions

There are many ways to strengthen your company through business transactions, but mergers and acquisitions are two of the most significant. Merging with another company takes the two businesses and unifies them into one. Acquiring another business allows one company to take over another. Both of these transactions have serious implications for the entities involved, and businesses must meet several requirements if they are going to complete such a transaction.

Falling short of these requirements will not only sour a deal, it can cost companies money and time. A business attorney can help prevent such failures. Here at WLG, Inc. our mergers and acquisitions attorney has the experience to lead companies and corporations through the processes of mergers and acquisitions. We help businesses:

  • Negotiate terms of a merger or acquisition,
  • Manage the risk involved in these business transactions,
  • Manage the paperwork involved, and
  • Help set up the preferred deal structure.

Do You Have More Questions About Our Business Law Services?

Winghart Law Group, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to companies that need focused legal representation. Our services are individually designed to fit your business and the legal issues you need solved. When you need a business lawyer in Redwood City who can handle your business matters in a cost-efficient manner, WLG, Inc. is here for you. Call our office at (650)332-2994 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


“Mr. Winghart … was very kind, considerate of our financial needs, and candid in his advice on how to proceed. He was knowledgeable and informed without being pretentious or overwhelming.” Nicole, via Avvo
“Drew is not only great at what he does, but he also does so with integrity, diligence and absolute care for his client.” Mike S.
“[Drew] has a particularly sharp mind and is able to quickly understand a situation, including all the nuances and human aspects, and to propose a solution that is the best fit for you rather than one that might be better for his fees.” Rich P.
“Drew advised me on an insurance claims issue. Not only was he honest in explaining that it would not be wise to pursue litigation, he still went out of his way to give me personal advice and references on how to address my insurance issue (in my case, small claims court). He was very friendly and responsive, and I am sure he would be as brilliant a litigation attorney as he was a generous and intelligent source of advice.” Tayo, via Avvo
“Right from the start, Attorney Drew Winghart impressed me with his efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence about my case, but generated the results we were looking for.” An Intellectual Property client, via Avvo
“I worked with Drew on a litigation case. He is a big law refugee so he knows his stuff but will not charge you $200 to read an email and $500 to write a one sentence reply. We had a simple breach of contract case and Drew was able to get a default judgment against the defendants very quickly.” Michael M., via Yelp
“Mr. Winghart was an excellent help in a business relationship that was coming to an end. He gave me fair and practical advice, and made it clear that he was not interested in wasting my time or money. ” - Josh G., via Yelp