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WLG, Inc. offers Business Services in transactions and commercial litigation, representing businesses of all sizes and across myriad industries. From startups to established and growing businesses, we work with you and your team to develop legal strategies that help you focus on the big picture of your business.

Whether you are negotiating a small contract or brokering the deal of a lifetime, you need an attorney that is skilled in deal-making and negotiating, understands contracts and agreements, and, should the need ever arise, who is able to protect your interests in disputes and litigation.

WLG, Inc. prepares your business for the best of times, manages you through uncertainty, and protects your business if the worst occurs. Find your fit with our business counseling services:

Case Example

I had a client in the construction trades who had been offered a very substantial remodel project. It was worth at least a half of a year’s profits. The problem was that the work involved a product that was no longer being manufactured and the original manufacturer had gone out of business years ago. The result was the need to use some trade expertise and know-how to complete the work. There was substantial risk: working on a product that couldn’t be replaced and if there was a failure, there was a chance of damages that would have bankrupt the company. Knowing the financial status of the company – a construction company in the midst of the economic recession – I knew they needed this job. With the understanding they had confidence in their ability to complete the work and knowing they needed the project, we were able to craft an agreement – an agreement that respected their relationship with the owner of the building but protected them from some of the risk.

Making an effort to get to know the business is what made the deal possible and allowed the client to understand the potential risks and make the business decision.

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