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Corporate scandals and intercompany disputes dominate the current business news cycle and highlight the legal challenges faced by many businesses. If left to linger, these business litigation issues can cripple a company despite its growth or status in the industry. With such dire stakes, many business owners and entrepreneurs are left wondering if there are effective options for their legal woes. Winghart Law Group, Inc., is here to provide a business litigation attorney in Redwood City that can create the creative and efficient commercial litigation solutions these companies need.

At WLG, Inc., we know litigation. Such experience allows us to focus on the needs of our clients’ businesses and provide precise solutions to complex litigation. Our business litigation lawyer in Redwood City strives to resolve commercial disputes as efficiently as possible. We understand that protracted legal battles lead to costs that hinder company growth, so we have crafted strategies to create focused solutions for our clients.

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What Issues Can Our Redwood City Business Litigation Attorney Help With?

To provide effective solutions for corporate legal issues, WLG, Inc. starts early. In our free initial 30-minute consultation, we ascertain our client’s needs. At this point, we evaluate if our services can help with your company’s business dispute. Should our business litigation services match your company’s needs, we step into a strategic planning phase where we gain an even deeper understanding of our clients and share the legal options available to them. We believe understanding these legal options is critical to arriving at a faster resolution. To achieve that goal, your WLG, Inc. business litigation lawyer in Redwood City, CA will answer any and all client questions.

The creative solutions and strategic planning of Winghart Law Group, Inc. will help you manage business disputes and let you focus on your business. We have experience in federal and state courts, and we work with you through pre-filing, discovery, motions, and trial. However, if you would prefer to keep the matters outside of the courts, we can discuss options with you.

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Business Litigation Cases

We handle business litigation issues in Redwood City including, but not limited to:

  • Partnership Agreement Violations: If a business partner violates the spirit of your business relationship, our services can help. We can pursue a business partner for liability, liquidated damages, a settlement, or even expulsion from the company. However, we can also defend business partners from these allegations. WLG, Inc. may still be able to help even if the partnership agreement is unwritten.
  • Contract DisputesAlso known as contract breaches, these disputes arise out of a fundamental disagreement between contracted parties over terms or definitions. One party may claim that the other did not fulfill a contractual promise and thus committed a breach that must be accounted for. These breaches are usually remedied in one of two ways: equitably or legally. When equitably resolving a dispute, one or both parties take action to correct the breach. When legal remedies are pursued, monetary damages are usually awarded. Our contract dispute services can aid in this process, whether our client is accused of a breach or making the accusation.
  • Defective Construction Work Claims: Due to the subject matter and the number of parties that can be involved, defective work claims tend to be complex. Defects in workmanship, defects in materials, and a failure to follow specifications and plans can all lead to a claim. The party who suffered damages can pursue general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, or other parties when recovering damages. Having an experienced Redwood City litigation attorney to weed through the intricacies may be the only way to find the right path for either the defendants or the plaintiffs.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Disputes: The nature of these disputes often makes time the most crucial factor. You must resolve a claim in mergers and acquisitions litigation before the transaction in question goes to stockholders for voting or reaches its closing date. Having an attorney that understands the time crunch and can represent you on the state and federal level is a must. Our Redwood City business litigation law firm has that knowledge and ability.
  • Shareholder Disputes: When it comes to governance of businesses, setting up a strong foundation during business formation can prevent many disputes. However, if a business comes into conflict with its management or stakeholders, WLG, Inc. is prepared. Our Redwood City business litigation lawyer can both defend against and pursue compensation/contribution differences, shareholder agreement breaches, and direction disagreements.

Redwood City Commercial Litigation Attorney

WLG, Inc.’s Commercial Litigation Experience:

  • LLC members of a multi-million-dollar real estate company turned to WLG, Inc. when faced with potential fraud.
  • Multiple companies have relied on WLG, Inc. to handle performance claims, debt litigation, and commercial contract disputes.
  • Contractors and subcontractors used WLG, Inc. services to handle indemnity and defective work claims.
  • Homeowners filing suit against contractors for remodeling defects hired WLG, Inc. for their litigation needs.

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What If Business Litigation Isn’t the Right Option for My Company?

In instances where litigation is not the best option for your company, WLG, Inc. still has solutions for your dispute. Our Redwood City business litigation lawyer excels at alternative dispute resolution. In this process, arbitration and mediation address business disputes. This allows disagreeing parties to directly negotiate without incurring the expense of filing a lawsuit and going to court. The best litigation firms are ready with the resources and experience to handle complex business disputes. You will find these benefits and more at Winghart Law Group, Inc. We offer a swift and cost-effective approach to the legal needs of your business.

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