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Litigation Dispute Resolution Process in CA

If you are running a business, then you will inevitably face problems that require outside help. Often, you can resolve a business conflict through dispute resolution. While courtroom litigation is an option, it is not always the preferred method for handling business disputes. A Redwood City dispute resolution attorney can help foster an environment where fairness and justice are pursued with equal measure.

By creating an inclusive atmosphere, there is a higher likelihood of you reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. Dispute resolution is also generally faster than courtroom litigation. During a trial, you are at the mercy of the judge and jury. With dispute resolution, you can set your own pace and reach an agreement as soon as possible.

At Winghart Law Group, Inc., we believe in achieving results for our clients. It is important to us that your business conflict is resolved and that you are happy with the outcome. As a Redwood City business dispute resolution lawyer, Drew Winghart understands that your business is personal. He will take the time to learn about your business and help you determine the right legal strategy. This strategy includes helping you minimize any potential costs or risks that could negatively harm your business. Our Redwood City dispute resolution services are cost-effective and designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of courtroom litigation. With over a decade of legal experience, our dispute resolution law firm could help you settle a variety of important business conflicts.

Don’t let business disputes continue to go unaddressed. Call our Redwood City business dispute resolution attorneys at (650) 456-2925 to schedule an appointment with our firm and find out how we can assist you.

How to Solve a Business Dispute

With the number of small businesses steadily increasing, California courts are often overloaded with business dispute cases. Many courts now require parties to pursue dispute resolution before entering into litigation. However, there are many types of dispute resolution. They each have their own unique set of rules that could affect the outcome of your particular conflict. 

The most common ways to settle a business dispute out of court include:

  • Mediation requires the assistance of a third party to help resolve the business conflict. A mediator’s primary goal is to help both parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement. However, it is important to remember that a mediator is not a judge. He or she cannot force you to enter into an agreement. You should also know that most agreements developed during mediation are non-binding. If you want to pursue litigation after mediation, then you are free to do so.
  • Arbitration also requires the assistance of a third party to help resolve the business conflict. However, there is one key difference between mediation and arbitration. An arbitrator will make a decision after carefully listening to both parties air their grievances. Depending on the circumstances, arbitration can result in either a binding or non-binding agreement.
  • Negotiations are the most straightforward type of dispute resolution. Both parties will negotiate with each other and attempt to reach an agreement. While neutral third parties are not typically present, we do recommend that you obtain legal representation. A Redwood City business counseling attorney can help you protect your business interests and effectively negotiate with the opposing party.

How Do Small Businesses Benefit From Dispute Resolution?

While large corporations can afford to enter into lengthy courtroom battles, time and money are incredibly important to small business owners. If a conflict is not resolved in a timely manner, then you and your business could experience financial hardship. 

There are many ways that small businesses can benefit from dispute resolution. They include:

  • Increased control: In courtroom litigation, autonomy is virtually nonexistent. The judge and jury are the ones deciding your fate. With dispute resolution, you have a bigger say in the outcome of your business conflict. You also have the freedom to develop a mutually beneficial agreement. Commercial litigation generally ends with one party being declared the victor, and the other party going home empty-handed. This is not the case with dispute resolution.
  • Greater flexibility: As a small business owner, there are certain times when you have to be at work. It is virtually impossible for you to take time off during peak office hours. Dispute resolution gives you the flexibility to determine when your meetings will take place. This is completely opposite to commercial litigation, where you are required to show up at a specific date and time.
  • Privacy: A company’s reputation matters more today than ever before. Any appearance of a conflict could negatively impact your business and tarnish your image. With dispute resolution, you can avoid a public proceeding and keep the details of the dispute private. After you resolve the conflict, you can work to preserve your relationship with the opposing party. You can also continue to conduct business with them.

Business Dispute in CA?

If you are looking to avoid the hassle of commercial litigation, then dispute resolution may be your best alternative. A Redwood City dispute resolution attorney can help you navigate the mediation process and favorably resolve your conflict. Our satisfied clients can attest to our dedication to their business.

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