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Trademark Lawyer for Redwood City Businesses

Protecting Your Trademark Is Invaluable

photo of 3d Illustration Of Two Rubber Stamps With The Word TrademarkYour business depends on protecting its intellectual property from competitors. This intellectual property includes patents, copyrights, and trademarks.  Our trademark lawyer from the Winghart Law Group, Inc. can help you register and protect your trademark. We also have extensive experience helping businesses through trademark infringement cases. Attorney Drew Winghart has what it takes to handle even the most complex trademark issue. This is a complicated area of law. As such, you need a law firm on your side that understands trademark and intellectual property law.

A Trademark Lawyer Can Help Develop Your Trademark

A trademark is a recognizable sign that helps your business stand apart from others. The more distinctive your trademark, the more successful it is. A successful trademark helps customers and clients identify your company and your services.

Attorney Drew Winghart can help you through the entire trademark process. Before protecting your trademark, you must develop it. A successful trademark considers both appeal and availability. We helped businesses in Redwood City develop a variety of trademarks, including:

  • Brand names
  • Slogans
  • Product names
  • Company logos
  • Stylized fonts
  • Colors
  • Product shapes and symbols
  • Sounds
  • Fictitious characters

Unlike copyrights, trademarks must go through a registration process. Registering your trademark is important and one of the best things you can do to protect it. You must register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This office will comb your state database to determine if your trademark is already in use. At Winghart Law Group, Inc., our attorney will work with you through the registration process. We will make sure that you do not miss any critical deadlines and that your trademark has the highest level of protection.

What Happens When a Trademark Dispute Arises?

There are many trademark disputes that can arise regarding ownership or the right to use trademarks. Sometimes entrepreneurs and franchises disagree about compensation when using various trademarks. These disputes are best handled by contacting an experienced trademark lawyer. When a trademark dispute arises or someone infringes on your trademark, Attorney Drew Winghart can protect your rights.

Trademark infringement can have a significant impact on your business and profits. In today’s world, competitors can duplicate your logo, brand or business name quickly. When this happens, other businesses and competitors can benefit from your hard work and business reputation.  To prevent trademark infringement, it is important to monitor your trademark. Meticulous monitoring will help prevent use by unauthorized third parties and competitors.

When another business or competitor infringes on your trademark, we act quickly. We can seek a preliminary injunction to stop the infringement. We might also send a cease and desist letter or threaten litigation to stop any trademark infringement from continuing. When the other party is unwilling to negotiate or desist, we will represent you in court. Our extensive litigation experience will give you peace of mind when a dispute arises. You can rest assured knowing your trademark has an aggressive trial lawyer protecting it every step of the way.

Our Success Speaks Volumes

At Winghart Law Group, Inc., our success is well known. Redwood City businesses and companies throughout the Bay Area trust us to help them protect their business’ most valuable assets. Drew Winghart has extensive experience in intellectual property protection. This is why he is a trusted advisor to a wide range of businesses in the community. From negotiating continued use of disputed trademarks to resolving trademark infringement claims, you can trust Winghart Law Group, Inc. when you need us the most.

A Redwood City Trademark Lawyer on Your Side

Your business needs to protect its most valuable assets. That often involves protecting your intellectual property. If you wish to protect your trademark, it is important to know where to turn for help. Our experienced Redwood City trademark lawyer, Drew Winghart, can help you through the process of protecting your trademark.

To learn more, contact the Winghart Law Group, Inc. today at (650) 332-2994 or fill out our confidential contact form. We’ve been serving Palo Alto, Redwood City and Bay Area businesses for years.  We believe in cost-effective legal representation and dedication to achieving success for all our clients. Come see why so many Redwood City businesses turn to Winghart Law Group, Inc. to help them with all intellectual property matters.


“Mr. Winghart … was very kind, considerate of our financial needs, and candid in his advice on how to proceed. He was knowledgeable and informed without being pretentious or overwhelming.” Nicole, via Avvo
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“[Drew] has a particularly sharp mind and is able to quickly understand a situation, including all the nuances and human aspects, and to propose a solution that is the best fit for you rather than one that might be better for his fees.” Rich P.
“Drew advised me on an insurance claims issue. Not only was he honest in explaining that it would not be wise to pursue litigation, he still went out of his way to give me personal advice and references on how to address my insurance issue (in my case, small claims court). He was very friendly and responsive, and I am sure he would be as brilliant a litigation attorney as he was a generous and intelligent source of advice.” Tayo, via Avvo
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“Mr. Winghart was an excellent help in a business relationship that was coming to an end. He gave me fair and practical advice, and made it clear that he was not interested in wasting my time or money. ” - Josh G., via Yelp