Intellectual Property

Why Does Intellectual Property Need Protection?

Even the most common elements of your business can give you an edge over your competitors. A color, a shape, a simple phrase, all of them can set you apart from your competitors in a chaotic marketplace.  But if those competitors are somehow able to copy the successful parts of your business workings, it could spell disaster. This is why protecting what your company has created is so important.

What Intellectual Property Strategies Will Help Protect My Business?

Though ideas themselves cannot be protected by intellectual property laws, ideas you put into practice or physically expressed can be. 

Below are types of IP that will protect your business:

  1.  Trademarks – When used to protect identifying traits of your specific business, trademarks are often invaluable. Business and product names, logos and identifying marques can fall under trademark protection. A trademark can also be used to protect an exclusive service your company provides so no one else can claim that service.
    Trademarks may created to protect your business within the state of California or within the U.S. and even all over the world.
  2. Copyright – This federal protection can keep competitors from using your company’s creative assets against you. Photos, music, literature, videos, video games, and even software can all be protected using a copyright.
  3. Trade Secret – Companies that have a unique method of producing their product or providing a service rely on secrecy to protect their market share. A competitor may be able to reverse engineer your product, but without your secret method, they won’t be able to produce a comparable item. This makes secrecy an important shield for your future business.

Why Do I Need an Attorney to Protect My Intellectual Property?

Though being aware of these strategies is key to identifying the elements of your business that need protection, awareness does not automatically equate with security. For instance, if you have a trade secret to protect, you will need legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements to ensure employees don’t leak valuable information. An experienced intellectual property lawyer who serves the needs of businesses can help you fulfill the legal processes.

To find out more, explore the services provided by Winghart Law Group, Inc. We are dedicated to providing our clients with sophisticated representation. 

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What Protections Can Our IP Attorney Provide?

The Redwood City intellectual property attorneys at the Winghart Law Group, Inc. can help you or your business with the following:

  • Trademark Protection, in the form of advice and registration of marks, brand management strategies, and assessment and litigation of trademark infringement issues. 
  • Trade Secret Protection, in the form of nondisclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, counseling on building and maintaining an effective trade secret program, and litigation of trade secret theft and disclosure. 
  • Licensing, in the form of all aspects of IP transfers and litigation of license-related disputes across many industries. 
  • Copyrights, in the form of advice and registration and assessment and litigation of copyright infringement. 
  • New Media, in the form of privacy policy counseling and creation, domain names, web advice and related litigation, and promotion, sponsorship, and endorsement agreements. 

We Can Help Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes

Winghart Law Group, Inc. can help businesses with business litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If prior attempts to resolve an intellectual property issue failed, then litigation or ADR may be the best path to resolving your situation. 

With alternative dispute resolution, the parties involved in the dispute resolve their differences with the help of a third party. ADR is generally less expensive as well as more private and affordable than business litigation. 

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If you have intellectual property, it is important to know how to best protect that property and your business assets. We’ve been serving Palo Alto businesses for years. We can help you with all of your intellectual property needs and answer any questions you may have!

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